Our HR-Policy

Main part of KAYTEN's management philosophy is that all epmloyees share the same visions, common goals and values. The company is managed by processes and data, therefore employees manage their work with responsibility.

Ensuring the creation of productive work and strengthening the loyalty of our employees to the institution is one of KAYTEN's main objectives in HR-Policy. We are only able to achieve this employee satisfaction, because we create an environment for sharing all kinds of opinions and ideas by using the necessary communication resources in accordance with the principle of transparency. A comfortable and safe work environment for the employees with objective evaluations ist a keystone at our company. 

Investment on people is one of the main principles of KAYTEN. We believe that behind the success there is quality and trained manpower. We believe that quality products and services can only be developed by qualified and happy employees. Training of our employees and giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge in different areas leads to more expertise and quality in our products. This approach provides lower turn-over rates and is an market advantage in such sector depending to experience and know-how. 


Selection And Placement

Whether a candidate gets hired or not depends on open positions, company objectives and position-specific competencies. These points are held in place to find the most suitable candidate. We absolutely do not consider candidates’ gender, nationality, belief, ethnic origin, marital status evaluations. We consider equality of opportunity. To apply for an open position in KAYTEN, you can visit can www.kayten.com.tr , www.kariyer.net and apply to the listed open positions related to your profession. 


Business Interviews 

We are making competency-based interviews with suitable candidates. After the interview process with the Human Resources Department and the related department manager, relevant tests are applied for the candidates suitable for position-candidate matching in the scope of measurement and evaluation. While evaluating the interview and test results, the competency in corporate culture, analytical thinking, creativity, as well as professional and technical knowledge are evaluated. The applicants who are successful in the process are interviewed for reference and the fee proposal stage is started. 
As a result of the interviews, the applicants who are not evaluated in the current position are kept for evaluation in other positions. All candidates are informed about the result of the job application process.



The technical, behavioral and managerial competencies of employees are measured, monitored and developed. Professional training for development, methods such as taking part in different projects and departments are also implemented.


Performance Evaluation

Employee performance, business results, professional and personal development are evaluated. According to the results of this evaluation, our employees who perform well are taken into consideration during the salary increase period. 


Skill Management

By evaluating the employees' competencies and performance results and the future potential of our employees, we aim to determine the talents and managers of the future.