Why Kayten?

Why Kayten?

  • Kayten technology is a solution- and benefit-oriented company. We prefer not to take part in the projects where we see that the desired outcomes cannot be reached for various reasons. That is why we are persistently looking for correct solutions.
  • To embrace the work in Kayten is part of the corporate culture. When we start a project, we act as if we are employees of your organization and develop a business relationship with you.
  • Kayten is an engineering and technology company. Although we already have solutions with the products we offer; we are developing completely custom solutions with our specilized knowledge and technologies.
  • Our staff is innovative, dynamic and expertized. We quickly adapt to new technologies and use them in our business.
  • We offer solutions that will give you a competitive advantage. Thanks to our competencies with the web application, mobile application, and IoT sensors, we are able to offer innovative solutions, that will give you a huge market advantage over your competitors.

Sample Situations Where We Can Offer Solutions

  • Do you want to offer a personalized, next-generation customer experience in your shopping mall or retail store?
  • Do you need software or hardware development for the embedded system?
  • Do you want to develop software for cars in AUTOSAR standards or test the software?
  • Do you think about how to benefit from micro-location technologies?
  • Do you want to ensure the safety of your employees under the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)?
  • Do you want to know, where exactly the products you used or manufactured are?
  • Do you want to create functional and secure doors in building entrances or on the management floor?
  • Do you want to check where your visitors who come to your factory or campus are?


For all this and more: contact us!

For all this and more, all you need to do is contact us.

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