Location-Based Employee Tracking

Location-Based Employee Tracking ensures where the employees are and also allows desired controls. Based on the interaction of the IoT sensor the employees will carry with and sensors in their location, their Location can be determined precisly. Location Based Employee Tracking can also transfer data by integrating to the software used by human resources departments.  



With our Location-Based Employee Tracking solution

  • In the scope of OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), blue-collar workers can be monitored in a risky area at the factories. For example, if employees should not be in an area for more than 15 minutes, an alarm may be triggered to allow employees to leave the area after 15 minutes.
  • By tracking the length of time the employees were in the workplace and in the resting area, the data obtained can be used to calculate the working hours and to measure the performance.
  • For manufacturing facilities with a large campus, visitors can be tracked as of where they go and whether they leave the facility.