Secure Touchless Door Access

The Secure Touchless Door Access solution, we developed as Kayten Technology, is a system that allows users to automatically unlock and intercept the doors in the entrances of buildings or in the interior of the building with the interaction of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and the specially developed mobile application.



Areas of Use for our Secure Touchless Door Access solution

  • It can be used at exterior doors of buildings and apartment doors in residential projects. If there is the Secure Touchless Door Access in the building, the door will be opened by the mobile application in the person’s mobile phone when the person reaches a certain distance, by detecting and performing security checks in the background and the person will enter the building without any extra trouble. 
  • In the hotels, instead of giving the guests a physical card to open room doors, guests can enter their rooms with the mobile application they will install on their mobile phones. Thus, problems such as the guests forgetting or losing the card is prevented. 
  • In the management floors of institutions, it will be extremely safe, easy and effortless to log in with a special application to be found on the mobile phones of people instead of scanning with biometric data such as iris, fingerprint, etc.