Location-Based Static Information System

Our Location Based Static Information System solution can be used in museums, art galleries, fairs, etc. with the special application installed on the mobile phone of the visitor and it provides information to the visitor when he comes to a certain area.



With our Location-Based Static Information System solution

  • In the museum or art galleries, information about the artwork can be presented to the visitor through the mobile application when the visitor is in front of the art. It is also possible to perform an audio narration for visually impaired people with similar technology.   
  • In fairs or events, guests can be informed about the booth which they visit during the fair or event, with the mobile application which is installed on the guests’ mobile phones and specially prepared for the fair or event.
  • For real estate, it is possible to share information about the details of the house, if there is any for rent or sale, when people are passing by in front of it with the mobile application installed on their mobile phones.