Our Embedded System Technologies

As Kayten Technology, we provide solutions for embedded system technologies. Our team is experienced in interdisciplinary engineering and have improved themselves in both, software and hardware.



System Design and Architecture
With the power we get from our team, we can choose the right components and technologies to ensure high performance and reliability. With this performance we are also able to provide time savings while reducing costs.
Our Team is specialized in realizing the architecture of complex products and systems using embedded software with FPGA, DSP, SoC and BLE technologies.
Software Development Services
Kayten offers solutions for the development, integration, and support of custom software, including cross-platform and open source solutions.

Within the Scope of our Software Development Solutions, we provide solutions to all your needs in

  • Embedded software
  • Device driver development
  • User interface and GUI (Graphical User Interface) design
  • AUTOSAR-Based ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

Hardware Development Services
We offer FPGA design services in all areas ranging from planning and HDL coding to simulation, synthesis, post-layout validation and evaluation.

Our hardware design services:

  • FPGA (Field-programmable Gate Array) design
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design
  • Testing and evaluation

Product Development
Complementary system development services:

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design, production and testing
  • Product certification